I'm John Bonnell. That's Bon-nell—two distinct syllables. I make music.

Are you in a band?

I am the band. But, occasionally, I do incorporate additional players into the act. It's tricky finding the right match for my style of music. If I could train a marmoset or a prostitute to do the job, I surely would.

What kind of music do you play?

The good kind.

I mean, what style?

I play acoustic music, like it was bleeding from an ancient hero during a Homeric battle.

I've been irrevocably and heavily influenced by that arcane creature progressive rock. But my influences are wide ranging, like a dog on a hunt for a bitch he heard howling at the moon one lonely night out on the town. My style is ever evolving.

What instrument do you play?

I'm pretty handy with a guitar. However, it's as a flutist and vocalist that I feel most fulfilled. I want to be a better flute player.

Have you released any albums?

Just some demos and such several years ago. Quit riding me. I'll get to it. Sheesh. I do have three albums of material, I suppose it's time I did something with it.

Do you have any other interests, other than music?

I like to write. I dabbled in short fiction writing awhile back. It was a fairly successful endeavor, if you consider I was published in some respectable magazines, but it wasn't very lucrative financially.

I've long had an interest in electronics, since I was about 10 or 11, and it has led, through a maze even the Minotaur would have difficulty negotiating, to the forming of my studio microphone modification business. It's all very behind the scenes in the music business, but I help people make better recordings, and I think it's pretty cool. Problem solving has always been my thing, and the world is chock full of problems to solve.

You almost sound like some kind of activist.

Why? Because I mentioned "world" and "problems" in the same sentence? You're full of crap.

I did say, "almost." And you do realize that you're writing this entire thing yourself?

I know that. Don't patronize me. This interview is over. Good day, sir!

John Bonnell looking awesome for the camera.

John plays Ovation guitars, both electric and acoustic, and uses GHS and D'Addario strings, and Dunlop nylon picks (.60mm).
His current flute is a Yamaha, with an AC head joint.
Amps by Soldano and Marshall.
Stage mixer is a modified (by him) Soundcraft Spirit Folio Lite.
Stage reverb is a Yamaha Rex50.

Member ASCAP, writer and publisher (Minute-Nine Studios).

Owner of John Bonnell Mic Mods—microphone modification service.